Andi, Marius aka Mars, Frank and Friedrich are four young men, who wanted to suit the action to the word. During the après ski in St. Moritz they met Diego Barberi – the well known local top dog of St. Moritz. While having some beers the vision of founding an underwear label based on the sonorous name of Diego was created. What most people would have dismissed as the weirdness of alcohol influenced minds was about to become a strong fascinating idea for the four entrepreneurs.
With the approval of Diego and his signature as logo the first drafts were soon presented, and several months later, the pants went into production.
«We wanted to design our pants as we imagined a perfect short – based alone on our taste and feeling of comfort.», says Andi, who had the brilliant idea. «They have to have that certain something: colorful, sporty and with a touch of glamor, sexy but subtle and elegant. Just ‹swiss pride for your joy›».
The shorts are produced in Switzerland. Thus, the four guys can ensure their product is manufactured fair and the quality meets their standards.


St. Moritz
Diego Barberi
Via dal Bagn 21
7500 St. Moritz