Week 5: Poland

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Week #5 goes to: Poland.

Der Code ist: Polska


this weeks special for diego52: Poland
Make the best out of it until 6th of February.
15% off and free shipping to: Poland
code: Polska


ten tydzień specjalnego dla diego52: Polska
Jak najlepiej z niego do 6 lutego.
15% zniżki i bezpłatnej wysyłki: Polska
Kod: Polska


Did you know?

“More than 1% of Poland’s territory, 3,145 square kilometres (1,214 sq mi), is protected within 23 Polish national parks. Three more national parks are projected for Masuria, the Cracow-Częstochowa Upland, and the eastern Beskids. In addition, wetlands along lakes and rivers in central Poland are legally protected, as are coastal areas in the north. There are over 120 areas designated as landscape parks, along with numerous nature reserves and other protected areas.”

[source: wikipedia]

Image Courtesy by Wikimedia

It seems there is some space for maybe an ibex, a squirrel or maybe even a bear

Don’t you think?

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